post2 “We have been doing Taekwondo with White Tiger Martial Arts for the last four years.
“I am more confident about myself because of Master Yoo.” – Seyon (8yrs)
“Master Yoo’s confidence in me has made me more responsible and brave.” – Dorjay (11yrs)
“This is one of the best decisions in the past few years. Master Yoo pays personal attention to every student, doesn’t matter if the student is a white or black belt! Instructor Kim and A.J. are amazing along with tremendous understanding and support from Mrs Yoo. I encourage every parent to join with kids. Apart from all the benefits of martial arts, you will learn together and develop a special bond with them. This is one of the best workouts, I forgot ever having chronic back pain. Plus don’t miss to take advantage of the discount for parents!Thank you Master Yoo”
– Acharya Family

“We want our children to learn not only the skills to defend themselves, but other equally essential values such as good focus, be respectful, be kind, perseverance, and trying your best. After observing a class, we know White Tiger Martial Art is the right school for them. Master Yoo and Mrs Yoo are passionate and dedicated teachers. Our children respect them and look up to their instructors as role models.The classes are challenging, engaging and fun. Our children enjoy the mental and physical workouts. We see positive growth in them since white belts. They are more confident, have better focus, improved stamina and flexibility. Our experience with White Tiger Martial Arts for the past 6 years have been positive.This is a great martial art school and it is the best place to learn taekwondo.”
– Xu Family

“Our family has been training at White Tiger Martial Arts under Master Yoo’s leadership since 2012. It didn’t take long to realize signing up for Taekwondo as a family was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Attending classes and practicing together has helped strengthen our family bond over the years. Taekwondo is much more than a structured physical activity, it has taught our son (and reminded us) the importance of hard work, discipline, respect, self-confidence, and self-control. The values taught in class by Master Yoo and the Instructors apply outside of the dojang and builds lifelong skills. We look forward to continuing our journey as a Taekwondo family and building friendships along the way.”
– Quinn Family

“Being a part of White Tiger Martial Arts has benefited our family in many ways. We gained positive values, morals, and ethics that guide us through everyday life. Taekwondo training keeps us active and challenges us mentally. Our family enjoys training and learning taekwondo together. As parents, we are happy to create memories for our daughters that will last forever.”
– Gushiken Family

“I wanted to thank you both for all the extra work you have put in during these challenging times to provide online Taekwondo classes, keep in touch with the students and provide a sense of community and structure for kids. We deeply appreciate all you have done for the kids and for us during these times. The online classes and videos have helped us a lot during this quarantine period to provide some normalcy for the kids and also provide them with some much needed physical activity. We really appreciate all you have been doing for the community and kids more so during these unprecedented times.”
– Chukkala Family

“I was only 7 when I joined Taekwondo. Taekwondo has been part of my life ever since. The person that teaches me is Master Yoo. Master Yoo influenced my life in so many ways. He taught me the importance of discipline and self-defense. He encouraged me to never give up on anything but to keep trying and push myself even harder to do my best. He helped me to kick higher and improve my punches. He taught me how to be respectful to others and my elders. I am more truthful and honest because of his teachings. I am very independent now because Master Yoo emphasizes on doing our work ourselves from house chores to helping my mother. I am more confident and brave because he believes in me. I can face my fears now because I am not scared anymore. He taught me the importance of exercise and fitness in life. He has not only influenced me but my brother, my father and many more lives. I am a black belt now and it’s all because of him. My life is more organized and I kind of know what I want from my life. My thought process has changed because of him.I feel I have more to offer to society, so I can help others to feel more confident and responsible. This is all because Master Yoo is such a big influence in my life that I feel I should spread his way of life to everyone.”
– Dorjay Acharya 5th Grade


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