tka trial lessons

Each quarter we begin new students in our Trial Session. It is two weeks of classes, includes a custom uniform for $89. A chance to learn some basic Taekwondo, get introduced to White Tiger Martial Arts, earn your White Belt and see if it is the place for you! After completing the Trial Session you can continue your training towards Black Belt!

Previous Taekwondo experience? Please email Mrs. Yoo directly [email protected]. We can discuss your past experience and which class you would attend.


Taekwondo students practicing striking

We offer both monthly and annual memberships. All students should attend 2 curriculum classes per week Monday through Friday in preparation for quarterly testing. Each class includes warm-ups w/stretching, practice of forms (poomsae), kicking combinations, self-defense and breaking techniques. Classes end with a high intensity aerobic workout and then finish with sit-ups and push-ups. We operate on a rotating curriculum which enables us to focus on one level of curriculum for each class.


Students practicing Taekwondo form

We have many parents who train with their children. They find this to be a very rewarding experience. Not only learning a skill together, but helping each other as well. This opens up many opportunities for dialogue between parent and child; strengthening the bond and relationship as a family. Children also have an opportunity to help their parents which builds their confidence as well. Our motto is “The family that kicks together, sticks together!”

Please see our Testimonials page to read how our families are benefitting from the experience of training together.


Young students practicing in sparring equipment

Sparring is introduced when students become Black Belts. We learn and practice sparring in Black Belt class. Sparring is a high aerobic work out and building the students stamina as well as focus. Sparring is an opportunity to practice the kicks and movements we learn and put them into practical use in a safe environment. We practice Olympic style sparring and all students are required to wear protective gear. Light contact is always used.

We wear sparring gear that has been selected by Master Yoo to be safe and it is the only gear we allow our students to wear when they do contact sparring at our school.  It is available to order through us.  If you are a transfer student and already have sparring gear, we can check it to make sure it is going to be okay to wear at our school.


Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!